How to find the Right Side Hustle for You in 2020

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When I first started researching side hustles I have to admit, I was confused. I found everything from vending and gumball machines to being a distributor for health aid supplements, essential oils, or shampoo. I didn't  know which way to go! The right answer is what business fits into your life, how much time do you have to dedicate, and where do you find the money to get started?

When you are researching side or main hustles you want to know if this company is going to fit into your life style. If you are not into health and fitness it wouldn't make sense to start a vitamin supplement business. Also check the compensation plan. Make sure your commission is based on more than just the people that join your team.

When you start out with a side hustle it can seem almost impossible to find "extra" time to dedicate to one more thing. When I started out I was working 10 hours a day Monday through Friday and 4 hours on Sunday. I was approaching burnout and knew I needed a change but when did I have the time?
I started out by dedicating my two fifteen minute work breaks. 15 minutes can go a long way in getting things accomplished, especially if your business advertises on social media. Then I dedicated part of my meal break a few times a week. This grew into Saturdays. On Saturday I could create content for the entire next week for my social media outlets. Using a content scheduler for social media took care of getting my posts out there for the whole week and it was something I didn't have to worry about daily.

Now where to get the money to start my business? You may already be financially able to make a small investment but if not there are a few actions you can take to get this party started. Babysitting, Dog walking or watching, house sitting and my favorite garage sales. When I was preparing to move I hosted two garage sales and after expenses netted $250. No matter how you do it, where there is a will there is a way!

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