A Review of 5 Hair Products for Frizzy Hair that will get you through the Winter Season

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I have struggled with frizzy hair my whole life but it has been the most intense the last 2 years since moving to South Florida. When I wore it down, it was bushy. I wore a pony tail, but it gave me a squirrel tail. You know the squirrel tail. About 10 months ago, I gave up and started wearing a bun everyday! - just take a look at my instagram. I first heard of these products on Instagram from a mom of three, wife, business coach and business owner.

I became interested because it was so simple to apply and it claimed to take care of my main concerns: dryness, frizziness, hair loss and re-growth, and all over lack of shine. I took a leap of faith and decided it was time to give it a try. This review is on 5 mind blowing hair care products that checked all the boxes! Disclaimer: This review has affiliate links. I was so impressed with the company that I have started to sell the product line.   

I chose the following products to start my hair care journey. Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, Hair Repair Treatment (Strengthen hair follicles and encourages re-growth), Rejuvabeads (split-end mender), Blow Out Cream (light to moderate heat shield), and Refinish Control Hair Spray(light hair spray). (See before and after pictures)

I used the shampoo and conditioner. After my shower I patted my hair dry and then wrapped it up in a towel while I got ready for work. Returning back to my hair I then started with the Intense Repair Treatment by spraying my scalp as the website recommends. (I have had some hair loss in my hair line and on my crown area due to psoriasis. Using the Rejuvabeads next, I pumped 3 pumps in the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together, and then pulled it through from mid-shaft to the ends, it took 5 pumps in all. Next, I used the Blow Out Cream. I intended to let my hair air dry but the cream acts as a light to moderate heat shield. Living in Southern Florida, a heat shield is a definite necessity.

The Good: I was impressed that my hair did not have a caked on stiff feeling from layering the products. The products themselves do not feel thick or sticky even though they are in concentrated form. A little went a long way. I liked that the hair spray was buildable and build I did! I used it a few times for extra hold and I was excited that the ends of my hair were still soft and that the style held all day!

The Bad: I was looking for a stronger hold hairspray (update: I have since used the Strong Flexi-hold Hairspray which has an adjustable nozzle to control the flow of the spray)
I let my hair air dry on my way to work, which I have never been able to do before, due to it frizzing out - this was the ultimate test! Check out the pictures below, you be the judge.

Bottom line: These products are game changing. My hair felt soft, I had no frizz and my hair had shine! All the boxes were checked. My hair has not looked this good since I was in high school! If you want to know how you can get your hands on these amazing hair products. Here is the link to purchase any of these products. If you want 15% off, let me know by leaving a comment below or email me at cortneebrenner@gmail.com.

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Let's face it, when your hair looks amazing you look amazing!