A Review of 5 Products that Keep Acne Away

Arm and Hammer Peroxi-care tooth paste, La Roche-Posay prebiotic, Monat's Rejuveneque Oil, Murad's Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, Products that Keep Acne Away,

I have Adult Acne and have been getting it for about 10 years. I started to get it in my early 30's on my face and upper back. Around that time I started to get oily skin in those areas.  I found that the more I washed those areas and the more irritated my skin became, the more acne popped-up until I finally found the right skincare combination that worked best for me. In this post I am reviewing 5 products that I have been using over the last year that have worked miracles for me. Disclaimer: this post has affiliate links.
One product that has completely taken care of the acne on my upper back without leaving my skin feeling dry or itchy is Clinique's Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar for the Face and Body. I have been using this face and body bar for ten years. It is important to remember to exfoliate in the shower. I find when I don't, I get pimples and infected hair follicles and this bar does not disappoint in the lather department. Which means it can be used with exfoliating gloves or a body wash sponge. I tried using this bar on my face. Although the oily t-zone felt great, the normally dry areas felt dry and pinched.

For my face, I start with La Roche-Posay's Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser. It is their prebiotic face wash. They boast that it helps to maintain the skin barrier. What can I say? Love, Love, Love. It keeps the acne away. Although I have the oily T Zone the rest of my face is very dry and most facial cleansers leave my face feeling even drier. This cleanser leaves those dry areas feeling hydrated and fresh. I have had success with this cleanser for over two years. Next, I use Monat's Rejuveneque Oil Intensive . I know your thinking, she uses oil on her oily t zone? What gives? Rejuveneque's proprietary blend is very similar to the oil our body makes. It penetrates quickly and does not sit on top of my skin. It works for oils and shine control because your body thinks it made oil it does not continue to produce oil on top of it. I apply it every time I wash my face. I have been using it for about six months and found that my face is not oily, feels smoother, my face texture looks smoother and my make-up application is easier and looks better. Also, I found that fine lines really disappeared. Best of all I have an inner glow and not an oily glow. Next I apply Murad's Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture. It has hyaluronic acid and coconut extract but does not smell like coconut, which I appreciate. This has been instrumental in keeping the dry areas on my face hydrated. It is lightweight and really penetrates the skin. Love, Love, Love!

Last but not least Arm and Hammer Peroxi-care tooth paste. In my early 20's a woman I worked with s around my grandmother's age, taught me my first lesson in skincare. She explain how important it was not to squeeze pimples because it would cause scarring. I had one on my face right between my eyes and it was becoming more infected, she suggested toothpaste with peroxide in it. She said it would reduce the redness and disappear by half by the next morning.  It worked and I have been using it since! That was over 15 years ago and it has never failed me. Best of all, there is NO scarring on my face!

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